Täispuidust töötasapinnad kööki

Choosing solid wood as a worktop when designing kitchen furniture brings to the kitchen a warm country-home feeling. Solid wood worktops are best combined with white semi-matt and high-gloss front panels. Natural oak worktops work well also with creamy, grey and olive green tones.

Worktops are treated with oil wax to provide extra protection. Oil wax treatment reduces the sensitivity of solid wood worktops to water stains. Alternatively, varnish is used as a finishing. The most common types of wood used are oak and ash, other woods are used less often. Oak has the advantage of being extra strong. Ash has almost the same durability.

Solid wood worktops require maintenance. Frequency and intensity of use dictate the maintenance requirement. Usually the surfaces should be treated with oil or Osmo oil wax twice a year.

Worktops are only available when ordering kitchen furniture.

NB! Pictures are illustrative only, exact tones can be seen from real samples.

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