MDF boards (Medium Density Fibre Board) are prepared using the dry method. The wood is split into fibres using a thermomechanical process which means the wood is ground up between two grooved discs while being steamed under pressure at the same time. The direction of the fibres is coincidental, giving the boards a very homogeneous structure. Both coniferous and deciduous wood is used as raw material. MDF surfaces are even and covering it with paint or veneer is easy. As MDF boards are very dense, they can be cut cleanly and treated almost in the same way as solid wood.

All tones may be finished as matt, semi-matt or high-gloss.
Our MDF product selection includes smooth and frame doors.

Front panels are available only when ordering kitchen furniture.

NB! Pictures are illustrative only, exact tones can be seen from real samples.

Choose a suitable colour from the RAL colour catalogue.

NB! Following tones are illustrative only, exact tones can be seen from real samples.

RAL värvikataloog

MDF edging

Door thickness 16 or 19 mm

*Door thickness only 19 mm if Soft-1 edging is used

R-1 MDF nurgatöötlus r-1 Soft-1* MDF nurgatöötlus soft 1
R-3 MDF nurgatöötlus r-3 Soft-2 MDF nurgatöötlus soft 2
R-6 MDF nurgatöötlus r-6 Soft-3 MDF nurgatöötlus soft 3
R-9 MDF nurgatöötlus r-9 Soft-4 MDF nurgatöötlus soft 4
45° MDF nurgatöötlus 45 kraadi