Presskivist tööpinnad kööki

The Technistone product range includes a large selection of engineered stones. About 93% of the material used is carefully chosen from natural resources, the main materials being quartz and granite.

Technistone engineered stones combine elegance with utmost functionality. Technistone® engineered stone surface finishing has many variants – polished, slate finished, matt, antique look and brushed. For this reason, the material is one of the best for interior design as the product is suitable for fulfilling the most demanding wishes.

Technistone engineered stone, granite and marble are currently the most popular materials for worktops in Estonia and the rest of Europe. Hand-made sinks are unique and give all kitchens extra value.

Technistone engineered stone advantages

Technistone is extraordinarily strong, hard and durable. Thanks to the non-porous surface, the material is hygienic and highly suitable for handling food. You can chop or process anything on the surface. You can even hammer meat and knead dough on the surface. You can walk on it. It is an ideal worktop for kitchen and bathroom furniture. The product has very similar and in some ways even better characteristics than natural stone. The Translucent and Fresh product series allow light to pass through.

The maximum length for the worktop in one piece is 3 000 mm, font edge T-Profile.

NB! Pictures are illustrative only, exact tones can be seen from real samples.

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