kvaliteetsed segistid

We value high quality and therefore have decided that faucets by world leading companies Franke, Blanco and Schock should be used with the kitchens we make.

The appropriate choice from Franke products can be made here: www.elux.ee
Blanco sinks and faucets: www.eero.ee
Schock sinks and faucets: http://www.mooblifurnituur.ee/et/products/42/138

Choose the appropriate Franke faucet: Franke tootekataloog 2022


Additionally, we offer unique Deante Miilin colourful kitchen faucets which add colour to your kitchen.

  • Powder painted
  • Height 355 mm
  • Spout height from work surface 254 mm
  • Spout reach from faucet centre 173 mm
  • Flow rate less than 9 L / min
  • Noise level <20 dB
  • Equipped with Neoper aerator and 35 mm mixing valve