Every detail in kitchen furniture is important and the saddest thing that can happen is that small things ruin the entire result. We know only too well how important it is for you that doors close quietly and will remain doing so. Or drawers that must open and close properly even years later. There may be even technologies that you have never thought about that will save you space and make cooking easier. As an example, corner drawers may contain a button that releases a three-holed socket which you later view as an integral part of your kitchen.

We keep ourselves informed about modern solutions by cooperating only with the best partners for details with the aim of producing the best kitchen.

The following forms the “standard equipment” of our kitchens:

  • Silent fittings (drawers, doors)
  • Ventilation openings where airing equipment is required
  • Free measuring within the Harju County when placing the order
  • A contract when placing the order (provides security for the client)
  • Free replacement of possible production and material defects
  • Friendly attitude
  • Providing the service of finding installers for equipment (contacting a specialist on behalf of the client to make connections for water and the hood)