Even if it might seem trivial to you, this is the most important part of the process. If all previous stages have been made in the best possible way and installation is done carelessly or incompetently, the final result will not meet expectations. It is always possible to install your kitchen furniture yourself, but you should consider if savings of 10% and loss of guarantee are worth it.

Over time, we have developed trustworthy partners that share our values and are capable of joining your vision with our materials to achieve a result which exceeds expectations. In addition to ensuring that everything comes flawlessly together and is evenly spaced, the installation specialists will take responsibility for cleanliness at the end of installation.

When installation is not done by a specialist what can go wrong?

  • Front panels are poorly adjusted (gaps between doors and drawers are too erratic)
  • Openings in worktops do not comply with essential requirements
  • Cabinets are fastened with incorrect fasteners
  • Cabinets are not correctly joined with each other
  • Equipment is not installed according to requirements
  • Independent installation requires more time than an experienced specialist uses
  • There is no guarantee for the work if installation is done by someone else other than the manufacturer
  • Etc.