When ordering kitchen furniture, always find out who and how prepares the materials for your kitchen. We produce most kitchen furniture details ourselves, which allows us to take full responsibility for the end result.


Our production premises are located in Tallinn suburbs and with prior arrangement may always be visited. We welcome your visit and will show you examples and the work premises. You will be convinced that our materials and methods are of high quality and they will result in the most beautiful and practical kitchens. Do not worry, the premises are clean and our small but cosy reception area is right next to the production unit.

Making mistakes is a part of life, but we will never make you responsible for our mistakes and faults that appear in the installation process will be eliminated. For achieving the best results, we use top technology which allows us to offer higher quality than expected.

In addition to the very high-quality machines, we produce our kitchen furniture using the Euro 32 mm system which allows for the demounting and remounting of cabinet details. Today, only the largest furniture manufacturers use the system as smaller producers are not prepared to make the required investment into the necessary equipment.

Drill press Blum Minipress P


Additional information http://www.blum.com/ee/et/01/70/10/

Drill press Hettich Blue Max Modular


Video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ng1MyPOnXCI

Panel saw Altendorf F45


Edge bander Olimpic K360

Make sure you read about the importance of installation.